We're all working on them. Spreads, wraps, special sections, tab covers, anything. Post your stuff here, let's see how you handled this daunting design project. My paper's working on doing a multi-edition series with interviews with locals who were affected.


I'll be posting my own effort, a special tab cover, in a few days.

In true design fashion, Of the three versions I made, the one I liked the least got picked. Ah, well.


So post your work, and if you have a story behind it, by all means tell it. And while you upload your art, you might want to give this a listen:


- Mike

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Yes indeed! Thanks for posting this.

Just wanted to share a link to some work from NPD newcomer Matt Rosenberg, who designs at the Beaver County TImes.




Welcome to NPD, Matt!


Here ya go.


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