Hey guy! I am a 2013 J-school graduate and a newbie copy editor and designer at a daily newspaper. I started designing when I became the editor-in-chief at my college's newspaper, the Daily Eastern News, during my senior summer. I fell in love with design, but I basically have taught myself everything. I would very much like to grow and evolve. Any feedback would be appreciated. For more information, I also have a blog: nikeogunbodede.wordpress.com. 

Attached are three clips from section fronts I have done. I normally do the Our Texas and Weekender sections, but I was allowed to design and write a story for the front page.  

Note: The weird drop shadow is not as large on the initial jpg. Here's a link to my newspagedesigner portfolio if you'd like to see more of my work: http://newspagedesigner.org/profile/NikeOgunbodede.

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