I'm a journalism student at the University of Oklahoma and also the print managing editor of The Oklahoma Daily, OU's student-run newspaper. I'm doing my honors research on the ethics of newspaper design, and I'm looking to interview newspaper designers about their experiences. The goal is to create a set of ethical guidelines for designers based on scholarly articles and interviews.

If you happen to be interested in this project, I would love to hear your input. I'm trying to gather ten in-depth interviews at the least, so any help is appreciated. Thanks so much!


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I'm new to this site, and I can't figure out how to send you a message for some reason. If you could shoot me an email at meggiejennie@ou.edu, that would be great! Thanks!

Hey Megan,

This sounds interesting, I'm in if you need me. You can e-mail me at joeyberumen@gmail.com


I'd be happy to help!

For more about my background:



That would be great Bethany! If you could shoot me an email at meggiejennie@ou.edu, we can work things out that way. Thanks so much!


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