Hi NPD members,

I was heartbroken and dismayed to read the news that Tim Frank was ousted from the Sun Sentinel.

He's done so much for us and news design with creating NPD and would like to do something in return. Who's in and would like to brainstorm?

Reply here or email me at martingeemail (at) gmail (dot) com.



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I never understand such decisions. Dismissing just the best people. He've done a great job for their marketing department. Every graphic artist on Earth knows what the Sun Sentinel is. In spite of Him. Maybe we should write some e-mails to Sun Sentinel... I don't know. If you need my help, I will do what I can.

Count me in as well. I don't know the man personally but I appreciate his work and his efforts to make an outlet like NPD for designers to share their work. I'm not sure how to help but I'll do what I can. I'm not sure why the drastic change. Many times you can follow the politics of a business for the answers but most of the time with situations like this all you have to do is just follow the money. Best wishes Tim. I'd love to help.

Thanks so much Martin. As far as I'm concerned, you already have.

The support this week has been overwhelming, reminding me how much I appreciate the people in this business. It certainly helps me be optimistic that things will work out the best in the long run. Thanks to all.





Everyone speaks highly of you where I work. Your employment here was very positive and that's how you are remembered. I recall your part in taking us from Quark to InDesign. That was very helpful and thorough.


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