Let's face it, the whole NewsPageDesigner » Work branding never... really... worked.

We had good intentions, to coordinate with the Society for News Design's suite of new sites and also to not share initials with the National Democratic Party of Germany. You may know that SND hit a rough spot before the URL was changed to work.snd.org and before their online reinvention materialized. Consequently, the whole "W" thing never made sense.

Rather than look for another name and risk another URL change, I decided to stick to our roots and preserve NewsPageDesigner's identity. We were the first social network for visual journalists and in our eighth year, I suppose I am reluctant to lose that identity.

Here's the final header of the original NPD site that inspired the latest incarnation.

As always, thanks for your continued support.

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Nice work Tim. Looks great.
I like it, and it's good to see some kind of collaboration with SND. I should be entering some designs in the next competition :)
I definitely appreciate the inclination to stick to NPD's roots. The branding looks great!


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