Does anyone in this community work with the NewsGate suite, and have to follow 20/20 guidelines? 

I would enjoy talking about ways to be creative within the guidelines and aspects of the guidelines that aren't particularly attractive as a designer.


E. Darci,


Columbus, Georgia

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I am curious what the 20/20 guidelines are. My last place was a news gate shop, but I haven't heard of this. Thanks.

Templates, templates, templates. It's what I've been talking to you about for the last few months. Templates.

Got it!

I sent you a friend request and I'll send you a message about this once you accept it.

I guess 20/20 is a McClatchy only thing? Ours isn't so much templates - only the fronts get templates, and there are as many templates to pick from as good designs you can make and request saved as masters.

But all the locks on the system to make it hard to be creative.


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