Happy New Year all.

NewsPageDesigner is getting a facelift. It's not too different. Just a little more contrast.

I am thinking about replacing the flash slideshow on the cover in order to make the site more tablet-friendly and to make the site load faster. The features slideshow will still be available on a separate page. I am considering a "page of the day" feature in its place on the cover.

Design options are limited by the vendor that I use, but it's robust and affordable.

I will try to make the switch when few people are online, to minimize disruption.

As always, all feedback is welcome.


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Flash does need to die already but the slideshow makes it extremely easy to discover new work and has been a fountain of inspiration to me. Is there a different way to get the same effect? Have you considered a coverjunkie.com style layout or something like that? Would Page of The Day be able to scroll to previous days? Anyhow, looking forward to the update, I'm sure it'll look great.

Second vote for liking the top pages on the front of the site, but I trust they'll still be easy to find. Look forward to the new look.

Thanks guys. I'll see what I can do

I like the slideshow. It's a tremendous resource for me as I let it run during my design course and students get a lot of inspiration from those layouts. It's one of things that they wouldn't sit through on their own. I hope it will be easy to locate, with few clicks, since it's no longer on the home page.

The link to the slide show is right under the page of the day. I'll try to make if more obvious. Thanks.


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