Hello fellow designers! 

I recently put together this infographic on concussions and i'd really appreciate some constructive feedback for my next endeavor, what ever that might be. Full and half page versions are attached. 

Note: a lot of this graphic looks really fuzzy on my screen. It is NOT that way in real life!! I'm unsure why it's doing that.

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Hi Jennifer. Nice work! Here are a couple things that may be useful. 

Hierarchy: This page works a lot like the very deep jpeg graphics on websites that you must scroll to view. In print, the whole page is seen at once, so it might give the page more impact to have a more dominant element. 

Clustering: We are often taught to fill all the space, but some white space between the individual clusters of content can add clarity and pacing to the way that your page reads.

Color: I like the way you have limited the color palette to just a few colors, minimizing visual noise.


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