Hi all. 

NewPageDesigner has been on this platform since 2008. During that time, the site grew to the extent that moving to a different platform became a challenge, locking in not just the framework of the design but also the features. 

Now, I think we have a better solution to update and revitalize the site. The new site will be more current, visual and better connected to other social media. 

The tradeoff is that all of the features may not transfer to the new site. Considering the potential improvement, it's a tradeoff worth taking.More to come on that, as I get into it. 

If you have work that only exists on this site, you should back it up in the coming weeks. Everything should be copied over but why take any risks?

I will keep you all informed as we go through the process.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. 



A screenshot of the original NewsPageDesigner from 2002.

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