To be a good ART
DIRECTOR, or DESIGN EDITOR you need to care about your staff as
creative professionals, help them grow and respect their talent,
qualities and failures. If you only care to output "nice looking pages"
you are nothing but a selfish person with a fancy title.

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Totally agree, I think it is very important to treat as professional designers and make them grow and believe you can do great things every time ...!!!
YES !!! the challenge for a good Art Director is to combine everyday good coaching, discipline and a lot of psychology! :) Not all your staffers are the same! You need to learn how to treat each one of them, and specially be fun but respectful AND AVOID constant criticism, specially in front of other peers and staffers!!! That only causes people to get angry and resentful.

We, as coordinators, need to provide a healthy environment where people develop their skills and feel comfortable to speak up their opinions, instead of just hammering our points of view into others and expect them to follow our style like little robots!!!!
I agree with you but in Turkey impossible.
Hi Yusuf!

Why is it impossible in Turkey? I worked in Mexico, US, India and UAE, many of the newsrooms there had many issues and same politics, but I think if you have a good coordinator that has the will to change things for best, and positive attitude, you can start seeing positive changes, even little by little.

But the first thing you will need is to have a positive mental attitude, if not you will never achieve a goal.

Great discussion topic...!
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