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This is a page about Baselworld, a watch and jewellery show in Switzerland.

The page will only be printed in about a week. It's unusual that we (daily!) are working so much in advance. Therefore I would like to take the opportunity to work on the page and to improve it. I am greatful for critique and advice.

There ist an introduction on the top. Below we present ten wachtes (for example the trendiest, the most exclusive, the sportiest and so on). Unfortunately, the clocks were photographed in a very different way (e.g. black or white background). We don't have other pictures. Text is not written yet.

Thanks and Greetings from Switzerland!

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There are so many ways to make better layout to this page. But what you have done already is also a good one. I think this is a left hand side page. So the watches can be placed from top left to the bottom and extend to right bottom, i,e; like a L shape format. and can be increase the height of the end L shape part. That means an incomplete U shape starting from top left. The pictures with soft shadow can be used in a white background. Rest you can use black, maroon and grey. Within the boxes the text may be left-aligned. Here the gaps between Subheads and the text are not equall all over the boxes. You can use smart rules to make divisions. The bottom half of the page is more black based. It is adviseable to avoid reverse text as much as you can. The white space on the top right is looking just empty as it is not balanced by coplemenary white space.

Hy Arindam, thank you for your helpfull advice. I hope I can present you the revised page tomorrow on this website!
With some delay I can present you a second version of the Page about Baselworld.

It seems to me much more elegant than the first version. But I am not sure, if the clocks lost impact.

In any case, the two pages led to interesting discussions in my office.
I think it's much cleaner and easier to follow. The previous page seemed too bunched together. The watches with black backgrounds are much better spaced. If anything, for the watches on the right side you could put their text on the right to keep with the left column. All of the text being in the middle is a little distracting without more white space.


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