This is my first post here, so I am not too sure on the format. I am currently trying to run a small after school club newspaper, we have been trying to get new writers and we have also decided on a new design. I have no formal design training at all, I've read a few books and have been learning as much as I can. I know its not great, but it's what I have. Be as honest as you can! The stories are a work in progress, so those can be disregarded. Here is a sample page.

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Good start, simple and clean for the most part. Try creating some more space between stories and try to get elements with each article to line up, text columns, headlines, photos, etc. Keep  at it, I've seen worse from professionals.

Try to follow what Eddie has told. One thing I can say that the masthead and the lead headline are clashing. You can use upper lower Headlines.

If you're going to stay with your headline font, I'd suggest kerning it in some. It's a good start though. The best thing that's going to help you is browsing this site, see what others are doing, how others papers do their layout. And tinker. If you're not entirely sold on how your product looks, mock something up to show your peers or adviser.

The two text are too different. I think you should use the same alignment for both of them. For example, the bottom text has a first-line alignment, which I don't think it's an inspired choice (it looks chaotic).

I would't choose the lined box at the bottom of the foto.

I agree with Eddie and Arindam. I would choose a different font for headline (something thinner, smaller and even 60% grey. Anything, but different than the article title).




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