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 On 22nd August 1791 beside the dense forest close to Morne- Roughe on a mountain that looms over Cap-Haitien on Haiti there was a
Voodoo priest called Boukman. That day, this priest had a ceremony in which he
asked the slaves to listen to the voice of freedom and act against the slavery
and overwhelm the Frenchmen that had Haiti (former “Saint-Domingue”) as one of
their slave colonies. Not only that, this colony was one of the biggest and
most important trading places for the French economy.
After thirteen years of bloodshed and the overwhelming of the French government
(both from Haitian and the French population) the government was forced to give
up. At that time it wasn’t parliamentary power, but despotic power that
mattered. That means that the king had the power of everything and was ruling
over every law and authority. This was the cause of the French revolution that
also had a good effect on the Haitian revolution.

On 12th January 2010 close to Port-au-Prince at the marsh, began the natural disaster that today not only is rated as the most destructive, but also the most
expensive because of the planned reconstruction costs that are about 100
million SEK. This kind of natural disasters are one of the most occurring
disasters even thought the most of them are very small so that a human being
can not feel when they happens.
Have you figured out what kind of natural disaster I’m talking about?
Yes exactly, the earthquake. It’s the most occurring natural disaster going on,
maybe there is an earthquake just under you while you’re reading.

In both of these historical events the religion had a major impact on people’s thoughts and plans. I think that in some events, religion can be a burden in such
situations. I don’t mean that religion literally is bad, but the opposite.
Religion sets limits, but sometimes those limits can be too much or its rules
are not adapted after today’s society. As you maybe already know, the religion
Voodoo is the most occurring religion in Haiti. It all started when the
Frenchmen started to transport slaves from Africa to Haiti. The religion was
shipped with the slaves and spread across the entire country after the arrival
of the first slaves. And now, I hope that this is the end for this insanity.
I’m not saying that the Haitians should throw away their religion, but start
changing it. I don’t say that the religion should be thrown away, but that they
should learn and change their rules after what the society is requiring, just
like the Christianity and Islam.

In the Future:
If we look back at Haiti’s history then we can see where the chain reaction began (1751). If you
didn’t know, Haiti is actually split apart in two different continental plates
that actually now are rubbing against each other, which led to the earthquake,
past and future earthquakes in Haiti. Haiti has regularly been hit by
earthquakes, which led to the devastating after effects. Yet the Haitian
government hasn’t learned how to be proactive. Some people that I have been
discussing with have told me that perhaps it’s so that the Haitian government
uses the money that is granted from other countries for their own private
purposes (like buying cars, food and clothes for themselves) instead of
building a good infrastructure. To even make Haiti evolve we have to make the
corruption disappear, that’s where the political press comes in. The UN has to
make as the USA made in the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions. An invasion is the
only way to make the regime in Haiti to get lost and lose their power. A new
country with new plans and thought will be made.

The main reason for that the houses collapsed is not as you think, that they were all cheat built, but it was the phenomenon “amplification” that was the reason for
the house collapsing. The documentary “Haiti’s Killer Quake-Why It Happened”
shows that it’s obvious that houses built on hard rock close to the epicenter
was less damaged than the houses built on the soft settlement that’s far away
from the epicenter, and that it what is called amplification. There is also
another thing that I should remind you of, between one and another Richter
degree, it sets apart about a thousand times. So if you compare the earthquake
that happened here in Sweden with the one on Haiti, you can see a really big

The whole idea of rebuilding Haiti is a very large area. As I said before, the reconstruction is planned to cost about 100 000 000 000kr (100
miljarder). The most upcoming subject in the rescue organizations like the Red
Cross is sanitary. Many people don’t think that good sanitation is as important
as access to clean water. A single person gives rise to about three deciliter stools
in a day, and there will be several cubic meters of shit in a city with no
functioning sewers. You can imagine how viruses and diseases are spread and in
what speed.

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