Alright, I thought I'd throw this one out there...I designed this on deadline to run the day before the Oscars. Have at it.

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I know the outer glow on Baldwin and Martin was to make them more visible against the background but it seems distracting to me. Maybe a lighter shade of black or a different color altogether for the background and you might not have had to reverse all the text as well. How was the reproduction the next day?.
I agree with your point on the outer glow and that was something I feared in the process of doing it I just couldn't come up with a better solution at the time... The color came out nicely everywhere on the page except the plate was a little off on the blue burst directing readers to turn the page.
That's great about the reproduction. Our press isn't that fantastic so we seldom reverse text and when we do it has to be pretty big and spaced out otherwise it all bleeds together. That's pretty good that you did the page on deadline. How many other pages were you responsible that night? Oh, and thanks for the friend add.
I was responsible for this page and one other for Saturday's publication and I was working on a few other pages for an advance section, too.


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