It's a page on Holi. Holi is a festival of colours. People used to make fun with colours on this day. And later they wash their face as well body to remove the colours as much they can. On this day everybody is going so happy and enjoy very much, from kid to old.

The headline says: Holi comes and fish also found in the pond. The illustration ia reflecting the same.

Any suggestion abouth the page and the illustration.



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Wow, that makes living where I am seem kind of dull. Thanks for the explanation that really helps.

Nice page. Thanks for posting. Just a question or two.

I like the background washes of color, but but they feel separate and different from the illustration. It's your illustration? I'm wondering if the washes could be more an extension of the illustration. That would integrate it even more into the design of the page. Now, the illo has hard edges and the washes are soft. What do you think?

Anyone else?
Illustration was done by my colleague Uday Deb. I agree with you on this point that the illustration and the colour wash rae clashing in style. Illustration was done before when it was planned that 4 stories will go on this page. Later I changed the page layout and made it with just one story for which the illustration was already made. And due to lack of time I didn't tell him to make another.

Thanks for your comment. And any, specifically for the illustration.
i understand. looks like you are making the best of a situation.
Holi is a festival of fun and masti.
It would have been cooler if you had added some elements to like pichkari, in the sides.
Also sirji, jo illustration hai woh thoda grey shades wala lag raha hai...
but yeah, it is good work, Wish i knew how to read bengali,
Then I would be better prepared to say whether the cartoon suits the story or not....


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