Political parties fragmented in components Infographic shows an overview about the relevant parties of Berlin previous to the elections of Bundestag. All these data from all six parties are visualized in form of a pattern.In the first part we analyze the manifesto and count the keywords of themes which are relevant for Berlins citizen. In the second part we collect the slogans on election posters, look into the election budgets, calculate all candidates average ages, gender percentage and locate the birthplace on a map. In the third part you can explore about the partymembers (age, Gender and quantity in the last 20 years) in Berlin and the position of the regional party group within Berlin. In addition we research the social media acitvities of the parties. Last point are the electorate in Berlin. Where are the strongholds of the party and how much votes has gotten the party in the last 20 years.
Newspaper: Berliner Morgenpost
Designer: Christian Schlippes

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