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A visual journalist's survival guide: No art, no problem

So you have an important story with no art and no illustration budget. Here are a few ideas that could help you out.

Type as illustration:

Using type as your art can be as straight forward as turning up your storytelling really loud. Here's an example by Margit Toovere.

Here are a couple… Continue

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E-journals. Cinema Magazine. Waiting for your comments.


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A visual journalist's survival guide: Art direction 101

If your story is about something tangible and specific, shoot it. If the story is about concept or abstract idea, illustrate it.

How many of your publications would illustrate a story on rising airfare by sending a photographer to the airport? My paper had a strong tradition of documentary photography, so in the past, we would have done that as well. Here's an example:…


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India's first International NewspaperDesign Competition

Send your best entries and be the part of India's First International Newspaper Design Competition conducted by www.newspaperdesign.ning.com.

Well-Known Visual Journalist Charles Apple will Head the Jury.He will be assisted by an International Jury.


1.Best Front Page

2.Best Feature Page

3.Best Sports Page

4. Best Center Spread

5.Best infographics


Extended… Continue

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A Visual Journalist's Survival Guide: Are we having fun yet?

This page, brilliantly illustrated by Andrea Levy of the Plain Dealer, is a great example of the value of being able to sell your ideas. How many of your papers would run a page like this?

The best argument to do so is that having fun with your work is one of the best ways to engage readers. And to use a little pseudo-science, dopamine caused by any "wow" you can generate will better imprint the experience on your readers'… Continue

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A visual journalist's survival guide: Expand the comfort bubble

Sometimes, truly innovative creative work really can scare the hell out of editors.

Maybe I exaggerate, but it does require some courage to take risks – to do anything non-standard. I've been lucky to work with some editors who have had have the courage and the trust to allow us to take a chance on some new ideas. It doesn't happen overnight, though. It comes from building trust with your editors and especially from expanding the comfort bubble.

How many of you have done… Continue

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A visual journalist's survival guide: Talk about readership

In this business it's not always about how good you are but how good you are at selling your ideas. It doesn't do much good to do amazing work if you can't get it published.

It's really about the language we use when selling our ideas. If we want to be credible leaders in the newsroom, we need to talk about the work in terms of readership. Creative intelligent work needs to be a bottom-line issue.

Forgive me if this sounds… Continue

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A visual journalist's survival guide: If you're not scaring your boss, you're not trying hard enough

Yes, if you're not scaring your boss, you're probably not trying hard enough. My staff has probably heard me use that expression too many times. It's really just about doing innovative work, but even more so about getting us out of our comfort zone.

Let's face it. We can't afford to be comfortable right now. Newspapers are under a state of siege and visual journalists are all too often the victims. Who wants to be a victim when there's still a chance to play offense?

When… Continue

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