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Driving Distraction while in snow fall

Driving in snow is a difficult task. Know the most common ways of driving distractions that causes accidents in snowy areas through this infographic. Mark them all and drive safe. This Infographic explain all the problem which come while travelling in snow fall.…


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Digital brain health market

This infographic shows the birth of the global digital health market and its estimated market growth from 2012 to 2020. it also shows the use of new technology and the estimated growth in earning from 2005 to 2020

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Climate change

This infographic needs special attention for it shows the side effects of global warming and its fast growing negative impacts. The need is to control to bring a change and a lot has to be done. Yes! You can help harness the sun.…


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History of breast Implantation

This infographic shows the history of breast implantation. it gives a brief description of we have show how the breast Implantation started in 1889, and also shown changes came in technologically year to year.

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Online ESL teacher

Get ready to become an online ESL teacher through 5 major techniques. The infographics tells you of the easiest methods to follow to get your business done and earn money at home. So relax and just follow these.

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Fishing in open ice

5 things to know when you are fishing in open ice’ is a great infographic to know about major what-to-dos for all open ice fishing fans. Mark them all to grab a good catch.

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Event painting process

This infographic maps the process of event painting. This informs of how event painting is a gradual process that leads to the creation of a masterpiece at the end and how a good event painter should be judged and selected.…


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Engine of Economy

This infographic marks the anatomy of economy. It’s more like a car where the different parts of the car represent different aspects of the economy. The growth of economy tends to follow the same pattern as the growth in car mechanism both aiming to get higher efficiency.…


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Guardians of the Galaxy

This infographic showcases the blockbuster Marvel production Galaxy of the Guardians. With a team of its producers, directors and the cast, the movie made a market of more than $700 million. It was ranked 7th in the list of sci-fi adventure movies.…


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Build an army of content soldiers

Content writers are an important part of a company. It is very important to have a good team of creative content writers. This infographic gives some steps to build a good team of content writers and to manage them to have lager social selling.…


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How to build a social selling routine

This infographic gives a step by step procedure to build a social selling routine from 30 minutes per day to 60 minutes per day. Apart from the step it also gives you certain tips for the same.

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Weather conditions in Canada

This infographic is about the weather conditions in Canada and its give the details of the destruction caused by tumultuous weather there in the year 2013. It gives some interesting facts about the destruction and the damages caused.…


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Road trip stops

This is an interesting infographic for road trip lovers. It gives a list of road trip stops in Canada and also gives tips for the road trip and the things you need to keep in mind for every stop. So go on and bon voyage!

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Evolution of insurance

This infographic gives a series of facts and information about the evolution of insurance. It gives details of the development of modern insurance, insurance in North America and the history of auto insurance.

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This infographic gives information of the ABC of hepatitis. It tells about the transmission, incidence and the treatment of all three kinds of hepatitis.

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Car insurance rates

This infographic shows car insurance rates across the world. It gives country wise car insurance rates and how Ontario stacks up all these countries. Also it gives the factors that contribute to such high rates and how they are to be brought down.…


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Bikes vs. cars

This infographic compares bikes to cars. It shows how licensing for cyclists preferred by many people and how car drivers on roads react to cyclists on road.

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Honest Canadians and insurance fraud

This infographic gives information about the major insurance frauds that people involve into. It shows the ways that people fake accidents to claim insurance and how people to be honest in reporting such frauds.

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Distracted driving

This infographic shows different distractions while driving that people indulge in and the percentage of accidents that occur due to such distractions. It also involves what the people have to say about such accidents.

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