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“Publicar” en la piel humana

Nunca he hecho un tatuaje, ni pretendo hacerlo, o hacérmelo, aunque la verdad es que siempre me ha llamado la atención; hubo una época en la que me hubiera gustado hacerme un tatuaje, pero ahora digo, que bueno que no lo hice. Sin embargo me gustó mucho hacer una ilustración que se concibió de esa manera. Cuando me la pidieron me dijeron: “Piénsala como para que sea un tatuaje, que a lo mejor, un día, me lo hago”

He tenido la fortuna… Continue

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DB09 Editorial Design Summit

¡Los esperamos!

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Watch the trailer!

ON FRIDAY, I will be giving a presentation at the SNDS conference in Oulu, Finland. It's going to be about my work as an artist and graphic designer. See what's in store for you by watching the preview trailer on my blog

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Hehe, three days removed...

...and I still haven't posted those pages. Maybe this weekend, if not sooner.

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the way of the milkman?

My fear is that small, corporate-owened newspapers will embrace a new mantra: Central pagination ... When the Bobs (Office Space reference) look at efficiency, page designers will be the first ones to get their walking papers. My advice to them: Learn Flash.

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Tough times

Layoffs. Furloughs. Bigger workload. Pay reductions. What a great industry to be in!

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Can't wait for Sunday... I can post some of my pages from our semi-annual Health Guide. I really dig some of those pages. But I'm not supposed to post them until the thing's actually been published. Meh.

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Todo sobre infografías y diseño

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Web trend map '09

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Okay, so I've gone a little crazy

...with posting pages. Wow.

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You know, I've only been at this for the day, but I really like how this new incarnation of NPD is running. Now, I just have to find all my old clips that I had on my old portfolio.

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Links to my blogs

The Beckett Blog:

Beckett Media's website:

My blog in Orlando:


Also wrote and designed columns and short-form pages in Orlando, San Antonio and Tuscaloosa. Orlando's page was general sports items, while pages in… Continue

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What if aliens zap the internet ... permanently? Should I learn Flash and ActionScript or dig a bombshelter? Get a deckhand position with Greenpeace? My editor thinks there will always be newspapers and can't ... won't think any different. He is not reserved to the fact that the internet has become an economically viable threat. I try to put myself in his cowboy boots, but snap back too quickly to even imagine where he's coming from. I started out in paste-up myself long ago, but could always… Continue

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Siempre me han interesado los temas que tengan que ver con las religiones, creo que también conllevan una responsabilidad para no herir susceptibilidades. Es todo un reto pues a veces es difícil abordar estos temas como hechos históricos, no hay que perder la noción de que son dogmas de fe, y que muchas veces lo histórico quedará en segundo plano; para mucha gente simplemente son temas incuestionables, que por su naturaleza no deberían estar… Continue

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Infografía de Diario El Telégrafo, Guayaquil-Ecuador

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Archivo y documentación gráfica

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SNDS Magazine 1, 2009 is out

Hello friends of Scandinavian news design -

the first 2009 issue of SNDS Magazine has finally been sent to the printers and will be delivered to its faithful subscribers this week. The 28 pages include a lot of great hype for the Oulu24 seminar, as well as a record breaking number of full page ads – five! – from external advertisers, as well as one for our own "Best of Scandinavian News Design 2009" competition, and a full-spread ad for the seminar. Also, there are… Continue

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CNN on the struggling newspaper industry

It seems like old news, but here's a friendly (or unfriendly) reminder of the demise of newspapers. Click here to read the story.

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