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The Green eye

Who invented the traffic light, was it William L Potts, JP Knight or Garret Morgan? Commonly it is claimed that the first patent for the invention of the traffic light was given to Garret Morgan. A device to control traffic was needed and on Nov 20th 1923 he was granted a patent for the world’s first traffic signal which was manually operated. General Electric, realizing the huge money making potential in traffic signals, bought Morgan’s patent for $40000. They switched to coloured lights.…


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The Rare View

We often see vehicles on roads with their rear-view mirrors shut. Why? I can only think of the following reasons:

  1. Ctrl Z (character who doesn’t follow rules) thinks that with vehicles moving in such close quarters, there is a good chance of mirrors getting hit and broken.
  2. Ctrl Z trusts his peripheral vision more than looking at a rear view…

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Flyovers, road widening, improved public transport – these are large scale, big budget solutions to traffic issues. But there are also several ‘small scale’ problems which, if effectively addressed, can actually result in substantial improvements to daily traffic flow. One such problem is “Drive in your lane”. It is such a simple rule, but governed by laws and rules of etiquette. The rule exists to keep the flow of traffic at a steady pace; instead, the rule is ignored because…


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