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6 tips to being a real person even as a remote employee

So November marks my sixth month at Vox Media.

That's pretty cool.

I'm beyond fortunate that they hired me on to work part time from beautiful Muncie, Ind. while I finish up my degree.

But working remotely has definitely come with its own…


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Living online is hard work

The internet is a strange place.

But you need to understand it.

That's why a professor asked me to create a series of tutorials to present to her class across three sessions.

The tutorials walk students through everything from HTML and CSS syntax to the incorporation of JavaScript plugins and the…


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A special thanks

I'm proud to announce I've been selected as the first place winner of the Indianapolis Press Club's Excellence in Student Journalism Award.

This is a huge honor, and I feel absolutely humbled to have been chosen.

So I want to use this space to…


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What is Code Night?

Inspired by Northwestern's Knight Lab, I have begun hosting a Code Night for Ball State's chapter of SND.

This is not a hackathon or anything resembling one, to be clear. It is a night for people who know code or want to know code to hang out and ... code.

The point is to create a community in which people can feel supported to try new things, ask each…


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4 things I learned at SND Frankfurt

SND 2014 had many amazing speakers, touching on topics from the integrity of journalism to the challenges of redesigning websites.

The biggest lessons I learned from these sessions, though, all support one main theme: Put users at the forefront of your process.

Here's some of what I took away from the conference.

1) "Yes" is more…


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How journalism schools should prepare students, and other tips from an NYT designer

John Niedermeyer

At SND 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany, I had the opportunity to sit down with John Niedermeyer of…


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A refreshed portfolio

About a year ago, I created this portfolio site for myself.

It was kind of a BFD to me, because it was the first time I coded anything, and retrospectively, it was the first time outside of Myspace that I really contemplated web design.

But it was awful. It was just a rough, scratch-pad type website that I let live for too long.

A few weeks ago, I completely redid…


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Like Alice in Wonderland

So I've been coding my buns off lately.

I feel like I'm lost in coding Wonderland. I haven't encountered the Mad Hatter yet. Just CMS-es that eat CSS.

I'm definitely still not a code expert.

But in the last 24 hours, I've published this piece, created new ad spots for my student paper's website and worked on…


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#SNDmakes rethinks articles

We all just want to make the Internet a better place, right?

So that's what a group of coders, designers and thinkers set out to do March 19-22.

At the first #SNDmakes, four teams set out to find solutions to problems users encounter when viewing content with current article forms.

And it. Was. Awesome.

As a student, I was able…


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BSU at the Games

It's been a crazy two weeks.

I've been participating in a class at Ball State called "BSU at the Games." In it, more than 40 students act as a media group creating content for the Olympics.

Most participants went to Sochi, but seven of us voyaged to the land that I love, Chicago, to make graphics for the Tribune.


We are primarily visual…


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I've been published!

On the SND website. I wrote a post about my experience coding my website from scratch.

Here's a bit of it:

Don’t come to me with your questions about coding. I’m not your guy. My knowledge is limited.

But, my limited knowledge is what I hope makes this blog valuable.

Last month, I sat down and began building a website. I had never coded a website before, but in one weekend, I began abandoning the controlled design environments…


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A new website means time to analyze

The Ball State Daily News just worked with other student media organizations to relaunch


The site is now responsive and works well on mobile devices and tablets, instead of just desktops.

I'm using this new website as an opportunity to pursue my love of data and analytics.


Disclaimer, the relaunch just took place Oct. 16, so any trends or patterns I may think I see from…


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Overdue: A look at the academic year to date

Racially denigrating tweets.

Confederate flags.

A new smoking ban.

It's been a fast-paced year full of change at The Ball State Daily News.

I took over as editor-in-chief in August, and since then, we have had a slough of fantastic stories.

But as important as the stories themselves, we have had the visuals team to help push the stories forward.

This year more than the past two I've been a part of the…


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Fun. in the newsroom.

An unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.

That's what I experienced the evening of Jan. 25 when trying to report on Grammy nominated band Fun. using the Ball State Daily News's new –- and sometimes bugged-out –- website.

Instead of going to the concert on Ball State's campus, I opted to stay in the newsroom and coordinate coverage with my managing editor, Steven Williams.…


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Bullet points.

So again, I've been meaning to write for a while.

Unfortunately, whenever I have the time to do so, I typically fall asleep.

But before I pass out tonight, let me share a few bullet points with you about life at the Ball State Daily News.

• The Daily News ditched its domain name ( to be a part of Ball State's College of Communication, Information and Media's new initiative, Unified Media. Unified Media consolidates all student…


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As Good a Time as Any: In the Wake of Election Night

Well, I've been meaning to start blogging about my design endeavors for a while. I suppose now – after the thrill, excitement and exhaustion that is election night – is as good a time as any.

Let me first introduce myself! I'm Adam Baumgartner, a student in the journalism-graphics program as Ball State University. I've interned at the Indianapolis Star as a page designer, and I am presently graphics editor for the Ball State Daily News.

It's quite a…


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