Mystical Meaning: In primal myths the sea existed before the creation of humankind and is therefore like a womb from which the rest of creation emerges. In the legends, we hear tell of how the creator god wrestles with the sea-goddess who is impregnated to give birth to the world. The sea is therefore a symbol of the raw materials of existence and is associated the creative potential of your true self. From a spiritual perspective, the sea may represent the totality of existence. It is the ultimate reality, the One of which we are all a part. Enlightenment is gained when the individual self merges with the infinite. This exalted state of consciousness is likened to a raindrop merging with the sea.
Knitting a network from a single movement. Chapter two faces hidden. Will the network be twofold, from dream and reality of peace and wanderings of truth and lies? Here, I can feel the fabric to be modified under my fingers. Nor can expand and grow in an unknown direction, and an unknown speed. I throw the network world in the face. She takes on the characteristics of this world. Shape in the water, the branches, the whole movement that breathes life. Roll by roll, all around us vibrate.These small movements are broken down world. At the colorful pebbles. This movement belongs to the astral sphere.Multitude of sparks man 'tickles the imagination. Pulses lasting independent of our will. My network is still too weak to be a trap for the soul of the world. The person is still moving. Spindle on which is wound a thread. What will now make?

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