Sometimes it seems that our eyes catch the sensations and objects of the world, but our mind is closed. As we are indifferent. Nothing new in the world. It is difficult to precisely define its relationship to the phenomena of the world and feelings..A variety of views, attitudes, opinions flow from our head.To depends not only on our views freedom of art. While all models seem chaotic, but I think relying on the patterns that we have received education and life in community.From the mass is separated individual but it is static and unable to make the move.The only movement is its attempt to reveal their weakness and their strength. Her attempt to manage their creative energy is unique in nature. A variety of makes the network from which you can not get out. Numbers are easier to transform and change the size of individual.
Multitude affect the movement of the individual. Only by changing the perspective it can be best seen.
I and they, it's a dilemma, the paradox of the whole art. The artist is unique, and creates a work that belongs to all mankind. In a lot of artistic work becomes a unique, pulsates and grows, moving through the ideas of its author. Fragments of the real world are equal with fragments of fiction. That created a new entity that exists in the art, the universal laws.
I think, therefore I exist!
I see, therefore, I dream!
I exist, therefore, create!

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