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  • Feuille


    J'étais une petite feuille perdue dans le vent Dès que je vis mon arbre, je me pris à chanter Faut… zarbis Apr 8, 2012 79 views

  • Dead Souls

    Dead Souls

    Ecoutez ma rengaine Ames chères Elle part vers un Astre lumière Nous on a pris place au Père La Cha… Tags: forever, scene zarbis Nov 23, 2011 51 views

  • Journal


    Reading journals is often like drinking black coffee.Freshness determines their character. When you… Tags: framework, rhythm zarbis Oct 5, 2011 44 views

  • Will


    J'avais un passé , gardé dans ma valise Mais quoi en faire de ce passé meurtri ? J'aimais être seul… Tags: trace, changes zarbis Sep 27, 2011 32 views

  • Apple


    When the fruit leather cover it of their being, the tree can grow. Red wick into the distance seeks… Tags: red, symbol zarbis Sep 10, 2011 24 views

  • Cloud


    To a man took off, first he needs some support for the sky. To support his idea of ​​the infinite.… Tags: mark, faith zarbis Jul 26, 2011 35 views

  • Critical mass

    Critical mass

    Critical mass is the smallest amount of material for fission. So little is needed to initiate the i… Tags: motion, physics zarbis Jul 18, 2011 32 views

  • Earth, Air and Fire

    Earth, Air and Fire

    I used up all my words to tell you that I love you land I went into the sky to find the pen of hell… Tags: Magic, Dragon zarbis Jun 18, 2011 36 views

  • Catherina


    Catherina avait mis sa belle robe Pour danser au bras de l'homme iIs ont tourné toute la nuit sur… Tags: Man, Motion zarbis Jun 7, 2011 52 views

  • WEB


    Mystical Meaning: In primal myths the sea existed before the creation of humankind and is therefore… Tags: Modified, Sphere zarbis Apr 30, 2011 40 views

  • Target


    you look at the virtual paradise impersonal target in target would you like to be they real to t… Tags: Rotation, Flight zarbis Apr 16, 2011 35 views

  • Suicide


    It's war all around me Hope in the opening sentence under the roof Beyond this reality that I lea… Tags: Loneliness, Void zarbis Mar 12, 2011 25 views

  • Blinking


    Your sap wakes my miel gentleman of my dreams Your python gives me the fever Somewhere where here… Tags: Lips, Poetry zarbis Feb 27, 2011 29 views

  • Liberty


    My heart speaks in my mind that it is often unclear for the soul but my head does not hear my heart… Tags: Hope, Ideal zarbis Feb 12, 2011 30 views

  • Fracture


    "Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smoot… Tags: Transformation, Nature zarbis Jan 16, 2011 26 views

  • Leather


    So deep in my heart that you're really a part of me I've got you under my skin I'd tried so not to… Tags: Eternal, Earthly zarbis Jan 4, 2011 21 views

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