What if aliens zap the internet ... permanently? Should I learn Flash and ActionScript or dig a bombshelter? Get a deckhand position with Greenpeace? My editor thinks there will always be newspapers and can't ... won't think any different. He is not reserved to the fact that the internet has become an economically viable threat. I try to put myself in his cowboy boots, but snap back too quickly to even imagine where he's coming from. I started out in paste-up myself long ago, but could always illustrate and could go old-school if computers disappeared from the face of the planet. I know 2 pt. tape, X-Acto and waxers. I've lost the tip of fingers slicing down a ruler on deadline. I've hand-cut full-page, full color amberlith (and rubylith) car ads without registration pins ... 25 acetates later!! If you speak this language ... pipe in maties! And please ... no html.

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Comment by Pattie Reaves on April 8, 2009 at 8:33
Haha ... at least you don't slice your finger with actionscript? :)

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