You might have a friend who always manages to look amazing in photos every time will get a tough competition now. During every family gatherings, parties and holiday vacations you tends to capture every single moment of the occasion. So it's obvious that you have to look stunning during photo sessions. Hence to help you look amazing in photos some easy steps are given below and following which will give you a picture perfect look.

Clarify your skin

Face is the main focusing point of a portrait. So it is very important to give an amazing look to your face. Nowadays cameras have the capability of capturing every single and even a tiniest dot of your picture. This capability of camera acts as a blessing as well as a curse for you.

So to look stunning in photos you have to focus on your skin texture. . You have to keep your skin fresh and clean by moisturizing, toning and washing it properly. It will give a glow to your skin and you will have a glowing face in photos. Although you may follow the procedure of cleaning your face daily but it is necessary to wash your face before clicking pictures of yours.

Incase if you are applying make up then make sure that your foundation and concealer is applied evenly on your skin and is not looking odd. Apply smoothly on your neck and ear lobes to give a natural look.

If you have oily skin then be careful about it because oily skin can ruin your photo by too much reflection of light. So to avoid ruining your pictures you can use tissue papers or oil blotting papers.

This will soak extra oil of your skin and will give you a proper picture.

To slough off dead skin cells from your face, use exfoliator. This will prevent your skin from looking lackluster and dull in photos.

Minimize Shine

To lower down the shine of your face during photo sessions you can apply matte powder on your face. Try to avoid minerals and sparkles as this may stop you from achieving even-toned skin and for last minute make-up use blotting papers.

Relax and have fun

Often people are found panicking while camera lenses shoved on their faces. This will surely ruin your picture as the camera will capture an odd expression of your face or any unusual or unwanted poses and awkward looks. So it’s better to keep your calm and relax while clicking photos.

Try to be comfortable and ready whenever taking pictures.


Take a lot, keep a few

Photographers who are professional tends to take several photos in one shoot and generally the best one is taken forward for further processing.

It's very natural that all the photos will not be of your wish. So taking several snaps will give you one proper picture perfect photo. You should always keep in mind that even models don't look perfect while taking photos. If you contact a Photo Booth Hire provider in this regard, then this is exactly what he will be suggesting you.

The smile

Always remember that a fake smile will ruin your photo, so its better to smile genuinely. No need to take stress for it. Just calm down and think of some funny incidents of your life or just simply crack jokes with the photographer or with the person or people you are posing with. Some experienced photographer also suggests pushing your tongue behind your teeth. This method will give out a sweet smile.


You may look unnatural and rigid if you pose directly towards the head of the camera lens.

  • Eyes Speak a lot

Often people have the tendency to just stare straight up to the lences which will give an odd look. So keep your eye balls slightly tilted or slightly above the lenses. Hence look towards a bright light to avoid having red eye problem. This will prevent you from appearing startled.

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