5 Free Online Tools to Create Infographics

In this digital age, it is believed that images can play a big role in people searching in the internet. It is said that people lose interest in reading articles with too much text. People are looking for a more convenient way to gather information. Online readers prefer looking at photos and images to look for data. And because writers want to give this convenience to the readers while putting necessary details, they are using infographics.

Infographics has become one of the many effective content marketing strategies online. It is very helpful both for the writers and readers. For writers, they can lessen the time writing long articles. Creating an infographic is just easy and fun! Here are some of the best but free tools that you can use when you want to create your own infographic:

1. Easel.ly

If you can't figure out yet what to do with your infographic, you can start by using free templates that Easel.ly offers. These templates are great and customizable. This tool offers ranges of shapes, arrows, and lines. It also has variety of text fronts, styles, sizes, and colors. Easel.ly is so easy to use because you can upload your graphics with just one touch.

2. Piktochart

You don't need to be an expert in using this tool because it was so fun and easy! Piktochart allows you to transform your boring data into an exciting infographic where you can catch t5he interest and attention of your readers. Using this tool enables you to tweak colors and text fonts. You can insert and use the available images or upload your own photos and shapes. Image resizing and alignment is so easy using this tool. It offers a free and paid version.


3. Infogr.am

This app is absolutely free! You can use this in making your infographic because it offers an array choices of maps, charts, and graphs that you can put in your infographic. This is also cool to use because it allows you to upload your own photos. It is easy to use because putting and modifying your information will take place in an Excel style spreadsheet that is so familiar to you.

4. Visualize

This tool is perfect if you want your resume to be impressive. Using this can help you generate your futuristic resume., visualize it, or even look at the samples provided by the tool. This can be the start of the future resume because it enables people to express their accomplishments in a compelling way.

5. Google Developers

Google really wants to provide everything for its users. It also offers them a Google chart tool that you can use in creating a perfect infographic. Google Developers gives options to users in configuring variety of charts that they can use.

Small and big businesses online already apply the use of infographics in their marketing strategy because of its benefits. Be successful in using infographic, too. And don't forget to try these free tolls that can help you a lot!

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