A mark for 20 years: Adventure's redesign

A mark for 20 years: Adventure's redesign
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Volume 20, Issue No. 1; Official Student-and-Community Gazette of General Santos Hope Christian School
Schools Division of General Santos City
Photo in this mock-up is mine.
THERE are always amazing things that looking back brings about. For instance, this issue is highly inspired from the very first Adventure magazine released in 2000.
This is a 20-page student gazette filled with longer stories and complemented by large photos — what print can do that digital cannot do as of now (viewing a renowned painting searched on Google versus actually viewing it in its exact size at the museum — which feels better?). When we're asked to print in a large format such as this, it's never a waste to take up space for photos that emanate action and emotion for the readers to perceive.
Plus to me, surveying your readers is essential. Always consider giving a part of what they want.
So how does it comprehensively work? Combining past conventions while keeping up with the present can still develop a contemporary feel. All elements are perhaps strategically placed where they work best. Numbers, figures, infographics do not overwhelm much — just placed in circles or spaces where they can be emphasized. Information and storytelling are merged. This isn't only for certain age groups, but also for older and even younger ones.
To school publications, when given the chance to produce news in a large format, seize it. Utilize your spaces well; spend time on curating content and thought-provoking photographs (all the more if you don't have a digital artist to support your front page with graphic art). It does take a lot of time, but sure it is worth to spend.
Special thanks to Sir Vilmas Narecionis, Sir Jacek Utko— news designers renowned for the best of their craft. This would have not been possible without gathering inspirations from your works. Thanks also to Sir Mario Garcia, to his book "Pure Design", and to his blog entries in the Mario Blog; all helped me in fortifying this WORK.|jvdm|
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