History in a spread

History in a spread

"MORE EQ victims need help."

Such words painted in white display on wooden signboard hanging on an acacia branch with its nails loose. It is a welcome sign however with an urgent request.

Heart-wrenching experience at Matanao, Davao del Sur when successive earthquakes rocked Southern Mindanao.


Who gave them more of the relief in order to survive after being mongered with fear? NGOs have so far supplied food and materials for creating makeshift shelter, residents say.

But those from the local government are inadequate to quench their thirst and to cure their hunger, "Daghan pa requirements nga i-submit aron makadawat 'mi." 


Warm greetings to another confidante, bully Kent Adal of Invictus : Thanks for backing me up and making me grumpy  more often than not.

Kenny Dizon of Ang Salamin, Armando "A3" Barcebal of Teodoran Gazette, James Sablay of Magnum Opus continue your pursuits in life — all of you are great!

Bunso Jorosh Resurrecion of The Kingians, John Macling, Jose "Phil" Salido, may you continue to grow in this field.

NSPC 2017 News Writing Queen Rhoda "Kyang" Ebad, thanks for listening to all of my dramatic narratives in life, and for teaching me how to write. I cannot repay your kindness right now, but I will someday.

Yikes, am compelled to keep some money to have this printed and sent via snail mail (hope I do).

What warmth from all of your ENCOURAGEMENT! |jvdm|

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