Participate in (t)here magazine's 1 Day of Art : Copenhagen, Denmark* Be featured in the internationally distributed and acclaimed art magazine: (t)here* Host: 1 Day of ART*(t)here magazine's 1 Day of Art, invites Talenthouse artists to submit 3 pieces of artwork by August 12, 2010 to be considered for the prestigious 24 hour event that is being held in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 1st and 2nd 2010.Once all submissions are received and reviewed, (t)here will select one talented artist to not only receive the opportunity to participate in the event, but to also receive two nights stay while in Copenhagen, provided by Hotel Fox. (t)here will also extend invitations to five other artists, who must arrange their own travel and accommodations to the event. The chosen Talenthouse artists will collaborate with six other artists from around the world to participate in 1 Day of Art.1 Day of Art explores the creative mainstream and fringes of one major international city in order to produce the latest issue of (t)here magazine, an award winning international art magazine, in 24 hours. We draw from the city’s diverse arts community: photographers, painters, writers, performers, etc... and ask each person from a select group of 12 artists to create a unique body of work in 24 hours based on a randomly drawn subject. All work must be executed within the respective city limits. Film crews span the city to document each individual artist’s process — from beginning to end.The final original art pieces provide content for the internationally acclaimed art magazine (t)here, and serve as a springboard for other branded exhibitions, installations and events. (t)here magazine is dedicated to creating content that is neither edited or editorialized. It is a museum book that provides an free flow of original artistic content from beginning to end.SUBMIT YOU ARTWORK HERE: IS AUGUST 12, 2010
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