Sir Jacek Utko suffices my curiosity on large photos
BEING the country's largest producer of tuna, General Santos City shouldn't miss its commemorating on how its wharves contribute to the tables of Filipinos across the archipelago. I am again, compelled to post this photo every September for the people to see how our supply — be it canned, fresh, frozen — feeds them up to present.  No festivies for this year's Tuna Festival as COVID-19 cases continue to balloon here, but the spirit of taking pride on our daily catch still kindles. When visiting the dakbayan of GenSan, our tuna shouldn't be absent on your plate.
Happy Tuna festival everyone! Cheers to all fishermen, factory workers, carriers, producers, and to the six canneries located here in the southern city where we celebrate the bounty of the sea!
Here's my April 2020 conversation with Polish designer Jacek Utko who recently worked with Gazeta Wyborcza (Warsaw, Poland) and who designed: Het Parool, De Morgen, Het Financieele Dagblad. Three named as Europe's best newspaper, five named as the world's best-designed:
JM: "Quite unique that your works contain large photographs that go over the spread, but why so?"
JU: "[This is to] emphasize one article, one story... it creates suspense in the rhythm when you flip through the pages. You just make up the composition. Basically, you build hierarchy with this; just showing that this [story] is more important, this is big or this is stronger, this is special. So instead of displaying the same set of photos with the same size, you use a spread," he said in a voice message.
He further advised me: "You should never place a lousy and boring photo over the spread. It must be really information-dense — great photography."
But thinking of what good photography is vexes me. To me, Ubaldo Piangi may loudly exclaim, "Amateur!"
Felicitations to a friend, a mentor, an idol, a confidant, a fidus Achates, Kuya Cedrick Suarez! I consider you as a dedicated artist — ALWAYS. |jvdm|
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