Sun Sentinel Super Bowl strategy

South Florida hosted the Super Bowl this year and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank our team for all their great work over the last weeks. Here's a look at the strategy.

It's been a collaborative effort involving much of the newsroom, online and TV. We tried to take advantage of early planning efforts to have a cohesive visual approach to all SB content that seamlessly integrates photography, writing, graphics and design.

The dominant visual element was the branding that Christian Font developed, based on the official branding, to be used in print, online and the morning news show. Here is a look at the basic building blocks, which also includes a color and typographic palette.

To the right, you can see how it played on all the Super Bowl wraps and specials sections leading up to the game. Those sections started the weekend of the championship games with something every day during the final week before the game.

We also ran front page stories every day that week. Here's a look at a few.

100 days before the Super Bowl, we started a countdown that highlighted a player each day by their jersey number. The countdown eventually moved to the cover toppers of the special sections. Below are a couple examples.

In addition to infographics, grids, graphics and other short-form content, devices like the cover footer below included weather updates, ticket prices and useful info.

Branding and design strategy is applied to related content from any section, even for those looking for something to do instead of watching the Super Bowl.

Follow this link for a slide show of complete pages.

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