Fernando Baptista, the master of infographics from National Geographic Magazine  will hold a workshop in Dubai to share his knowledge and experience on Inforgraphics. The workshop is open for all professionals interested to learn the best of informational graphics practices.

When: workshop 23-24 October 2015 and 25 Oct. – the conference

Where: Dubai Knowledge Village

In this workshop you will learn:

1- The key for a good graphic. How detect it, when we can do a graphic.

2- Designing a complex graphic. Simplicity always is better, selection of the information.

3- The principal element and secondary element in our graphic. The hierarchy in the graphic and distribution of the elements.

4- Different techniques to produce the art of our graphics. Hand drawing, computer, sculpture…

5- The process to make a graphic using a sculpture.

6- The way to integrate the parts of our graphic. Tips to make look better the graphic.

Grab this unique opportunity. workshop in Dubai 

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