land rover (1)

What makes good design?


Tim Frank 

I grabbed this photo of an old Land Rover as a place holder when updating the site, but it's actually a great example of good design. 


Everything about the design of the Land Rover served the function of the vehicle. Designed in 1947 by Maurice Wilks, Land Rovers were designed to be a functional, go anywhere kind of vehicle. Early versions could be used as a tractor and some even had the steering wheel in the center.

It's not that style doesn't matter. This thing does have style. But it's a style that is built on that framework its function. There is nothing there that doesn't need to be there. Of course, there are a few subtle touches, like the curvature of thr fenders or the taper of the hood, that humanize the design while giving a hint of aerodynamics. But that's it. All this adds up to a design that is classic, one that holds up over decades of weathering and rust.

The same is generally true with print design. Great print design is usually no more than necessary. More that that can be just decoration. 

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