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Welcome: This group was created as an update to the portfolio review group.

To get feedback: Just start a discussion with one of your images and any specific questions you may have.

Tip: In this format, it's easier to get feedback on one page than a whole portfolio. And asking specific questions will also help.

To give feedback: Let's offer our criticism in the form of solutions. We also understand that some things are subjective. The conversation is simply about the work.

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Tabloid Layout

Hi all. I'd like your opinion on holding images that take up an entire page. I've used it on the left and right facing page with various results. But without preference. Which do you prefer? See the example attached, published last week.Page06-_ver1.pdf

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Print infographic critique, please

Hello fellow designers! I recently put together this infographic on concussions and i'd really appreciate some constructive feedback for my next endeavor, what ever that might be. Full and half page versions are attached. Note: a lot of this graphic looks really fuzzy on my screen. It is NOT that way in real life!! I'm unsure why it's doing that. Thanks! graphic_03 revise.jpggraphic_02 revise-03.jpg

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