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The winners have been found!

A total of 91 winners can look forward to the “WRONG” SNDS seminar in October 2013. Here, they will all receive proof of having created the best designed news publications in 2012.

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The jury and competition committee photographed in front of a Dragon built in Lego bricks in the reception hall of Hotel Legoland, venue of the juries’ work to find this year’s winners. From left to right, back row: Kim Pedersen, Rickard Frank, Walter Jensen, Søren Stidsholt Nielsen, Olli Nurminen, Stefani Urmas, Asmo Halinen, Elisabeth Svendby, Rikke Tange, Cilla Nilsson, Tone Gilje, Lone Jürgensen. In the front row: Lars Pryds, Flemming Hvidtfeldt, Ulf Högberg, and Søren Nyeland. Print jury member Christian Jensen was not present. Photo: Lars Aarø.

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