Drowning across Nigeria: A visual story

Reports show that there is a spike in the recorded number of deaths resulting from drowning, in Nigeria.

Data analysis covering the

past 17 months revealed that 353 died in drowning accidents, while 309 survived incidents which could have led to their deaths.

Incidents of boats capsizing are responsible for the largest figures, 219 in all, across various incidents in Lagos,

Kebbi, Niger, Benue, and Akwa Ibom states, respectively.

Flood-related drowning claimed a total of 98 people in reported cases, while 36 died swimming in hotel swimming pools,

rivers, streams, and ponds.

Drowning, as defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO), is the process of experiencing respiratory impairment from

submersion/immersion in liquid. Outcomes are classified as death, morbidity, and no morbidity.

The WHO global report on drowning, published in 2014, highlights that 372,000 people drown worldwide each year.

It is among ten leading causes of death for children and young people in every region of the world.

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