Stan Lee Archives in Wyoming

Just so there's not too much head scratching, I probably need to clarify that this is a Stan Lee illustration, not just "The Avengers." Although, we're obviously timing this package to go with the release of the movie. I'm sure someone might try to get me: "You idiot, Wes! Spider-Man is NOT an Avenger." And, true, he is not an Avenger in this movie, but he has been a "reserve" Avenger in the past. But, the point is we are focusing our story on something right here in Wyoming that many people don't know about. Stan "The Man" Lee -- co-creator of Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, X-Men AND The Avengers -- for many years has been shipping personal items of comic history to the University of Wyoming's American Heritage Center, creating a massive Stan Lee collection. It's full of all kinds of neat stuff.

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