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Effective Interview

This infographic is made to show how to conduct an effective interview. There are three main things employer should remember before he conduct interview are

a)      Interview with a purpose

b)      Proper preparation is key

c)       Avoid common Traps

d)      Improve interviewer skills


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Car insurance rates

This infographic shows car insurance rates across the world. It gives country wise car insurance rates and how Ontario stacks up all these countries. Also it gives the factors that contribute to such high rates and how they are to be brought down.


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Infographic 3d Paper Resume

As a freelancer or job seeker, it is important to have a resume that stands out among the rest — one of the more visually pleasing options on the market today is the infographic resume. An infographic resume enables a job seeker to better visualize his or her career history, education and skills.


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